Correcting Historical Misconceptions Against Christianity

What the world would look like without Christianity according to the TV series Family Guy (season 8, episode 1) -- an example of bad history being promoted in popular culture. Among historians, the idea that the Church suppressed science in the Middle Ages has been long debunked. Popular culture (Hollywood, Netflix, popular personalities -- you… Continue reading Correcting Historical Misconceptions Against Christianity

Recommended Sources on Christianity

I. Online Bishop Barron (theology, culture, etc)Fr. Mike Schmitz at Ascension Presents (theology, spirituality, culture, etc)Matt Fradd (philosophy, theology, interviews and debates)The Council of Trent (rebuttal videos)Mike Licona (historical evidence for the resurrection, reliability of the gospels and NT scholarship). Capturing Christianity (apologetics, interviews and debates) II. Books Books are a great way to learn… Continue reading Recommended Sources on Christianity