Correcting Historical Misconceptions Against Christianity

What the world would look like without Christianity according to the TV series Family Guy (season 8, episode 1) — an example of bad history being promoted in popular culture. Among historians, the idea that the Church suppressed science in the Middle Ages has been long debunked.

Popular culture (Hollywood, Netflix, popular personalities, the media — you name it!) often trots out narratives and claims such as the Church being hostile to science in the Middle Ages, the medieval period being a period of backwardness and ignorance, the Crusades being driven by power and greed, Christmas hijacking Saturnalia, a pagan winter festival, etc. How accurate are these though? What is true and what is false?

In this post, I will list several articles by acclaimed history writer Tim O’Neill to “set the record straight” on these subjects. Although O’Neill is an atheist, he puts good history first. He is frustrated by the amount of bad history that gets promoted in atheist and skeptical circles as well as in popular culture in general. His blog, History for Atheists, communicates the findings of contemporary secular scholarship (which unfortunately, have not sufficiently penetrated popular culture) on different historical events related to Christianity. His blog has also been highly praised by scholars, with historian Tom Holland for example, calling his blog “brilliantly erudite”.[1] 

Personally, I am a big fan of O’Neill. His write-ups are very educational and a pleasure to read. I strongly recommend checking out his work!

Feel free to check out the following articles by O’Neill below.


  1. See the sidebar of O’Neill’s blog for Holland’s endorsement. Retrieved from:
  2. I took a picture of the relevant portion of the article because it is located deep within O’Neill’s article, which is long. If you want to access the article in full you may do so here.

Recommended Sources on Christianity

I. Online

  1. Bishop Barron (theology, history, and culture)
  2. Pints With Aquinas (philosophy, theology, spirituality, and culture)
  3. Breaking In The Habit (apologetics, theology, and history)
  4. The Council of Trent (rebuttal videos)
  5. Mike Licona (historical evidence for the resurrection, reliability of the gospels, and NT scholarship).
  6. InspiringPhilosophy (apologetics, philosophy, science, history, etc)
  7. Capturing Christianity (apologetics, philosophy, history and debates)
  8. Testify (New Testament apologetics)
  9. Explore Christianity (philosophy and biblical scholarship)

II. Books

Books are a great way to learn more about God and Christianity. Since there is literally so much to learn about, I will list a number of recommended books per category. Feel free to check them out! Most of these books that I will mention have Ebook versions available so you can get them anytime you wish.

Note: The resources listed below are accessible to the layman unless they contain an “(A)” beside the title. An “(A)” means that the book contains philosophy, theology, or science at more technical levels, or is written in a more scholarly way.

C.S. Lewis


Church Teaching

Jesus the New Testament




Conversion Stories