Recommended Sources on Christianity

I. Online

  1. Bishop Barron (theology, culture, etc)
  2. Fr. Mike Schmitz at Ascension Presents (theology, spirituality, culture, etc)
  3. Matt Fradd (philosophy, theology, interviews and debates)
  4. The Council of Trent (rebuttal videos)
  5. Mike Licona (historical evidence for the resurrection, reliability of the gospels and NT scholarship).
  6. Capturing Christianity (apologetics, interviews and debates)

II. Books

Books are a great way to learn deeply about God and Christianity. Since there is literally so much to learn from, I will list a number of recommended books per category. Feel free to check them out! Most of these books that I will mention have eBook versions available so you can get them anytime you wish.

Note: The resources listed below are accessible to the layman unless they contain an “(A)” beside the title. An “(A)” means that the book is contains philosophy, theology or science at deeper levels, or is written in a more scholarly way.

C.S. Lewis


Church Teaching

Jesus the Gospels




Conversion Stories


Bibles and Commentaries

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